About Us

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Bed Butler Ltd is Set Up with an emphasis on Customer Satisfaction. We pride ourselves on quality furniture, manufactured by hand to last a lifetime. We express that we are not just offering a service, but a new lifestyle, changing the way your home looks and feels.

We endeavor to keep our service and product range at its best at all times, ensuring availability of products and prompt delivery of goods ordered. New designs are added regularly, remaining in line with the market trends and always with competitive prices.

We are proud to inform you that we successfully provide unbeatable business value and total customer satisfaction to ALL our customers, with the highest quality and workmanship, no matter how big or small the order is.

About Our Company

If you have been searching for the right mattress and/or bed but, have not been satisfied with what you have found, then look no more. Bed Butler is almost certainly what you have been looking for. Our mission at Bed Butler.co.uk is to be the most affordable - and more than likely the lowest priced, comprehensive, and reliable bed and mattress online company

We base our services on these beliefs:

  • Our customers are the best informants about their sleep needs.
  • Our role, as representatives of Bed Butler.co.uk is to assist customers to know what their choices are, based on their needs and specifications.
  • Customers want to know they can trust the company has high standards.
  • We believe customers often need a bed and/or mattress in a timely manner, so we promise, and follow through, with Fast and efficiant delivery

Our Promises to Customers:

  • We will listen to your questions and provide you with quality answers so you can make informed choices
  • We will be honest, fair, and respectful.
  • We will be reliable
  • We will offer you the biggest choice of bed and mattress options you will find on the internet.