Bed Butler Buying Guide

Bed Butler Luxury Mattress

All Bed Butler Beds and Mattresses are hand made using the best materials and the most skilled bed makers.  Finding the right mattress and bed can be difficult but this guide can help you reach the right decision.

Choosing a Bed

Any good bed should last at least ten years.  We spend up to a third of our life in bed, therefore it is always worth while buying the best bed that you can afford.
If it is possible it is always advisable to try the bed before purchasing it.  If you share a bed with a partner it is very important that you try the bed together to ensure that you are both comfortable and properly supported.

Do not just sit on the edge but lay down full length to ensure that it is giving you the proper support.  It is advisable to try out the mattress with the Divan base that you intend to us it on.  The Bed Butler Company Mattress and Beds are designed together to optimise comfort and support.

Types of Mattresses

All Bed Butler Company Mattresses are designed using individual springs carefully packed into an individual pocket.  These are tied together allowing each spring to move independently.  This prevents any possibility of rolling together.
As a rule the more pocket spring there are in a mattress the more the individual support.
Some Mattresses have mini springs settled on top of the pocket springs  such as the Artisan Collection.

Mini springs are exceptionally sensitive and the support is unrivalled.  When you lay on a Bed Butler Mattress you will experience thousands of springs all working together to make you feel sensational from head to toe.

At The Bed Butler, we ensure that only the finest materials are used including the finest lambs wool and purest cotton to create a supremely comfortable bed that keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer..

Teased horsehair provides an opulent layer of support giving a long lasting resilience. Cashmere then adds a touch of pure luxury.  Memory foam mattresses respond to your body temperature and moulds itself to your contours creating an individual tailored surface that will give the optimum level of support and comfort.  It returns to its original shape when you get out of the bed.  It does not need to be turned as other mattresses do.

Latex foam mattresses creates a plush and comfortable layer complimenting the responsive action of the pocket springs supporting your body and moulding to your contours.

Wool pom-pom  style tufts are essential for holding the mattress together and also ensuring that the pocket springs have just the right level of tension.  The tufts are made with very soft wool so that they do not interfere with the sleeping surface.

The side of the mattresses are sewn to the spring unit all the way round.  Depending on the number of pocket and mini springs, the mattress will have either two or three rows of stitching. Side handles and air vents are placed intermittently around the mattress.

If you and your partner prefer a different level of firmness for your mattress, separate mattresses can be simply zipped together.  This is done securely and seamlessly so you can still use the full width of the bed. The Bed Butler Company will adjust the tension of the pocket springs in the mattress to suit your own particular preference either soft, regular or firm.

Types of Bed

Always bare in mind that a bed is the combination of a mattress and the base working together.  It is always recommended that the mattress and base are purchased together.

Platform top beds provide excellent support.  The bases are upholstered and filled with the finest cotton. Spring edge bases include thousands of springs layered onto the platform top before being upholstered and filled with fine cotton.  When you lay on your bed all the springs in the base combine with the pocket springs in the mattress to give you a feeling of absolute luxury.

There are a number of storage options available.  All the drawers are exceptionally well made and hard wearing.  The two drawer option provides generous storage towards the foot of the bed.  The four drawer divan uses all the available space under the bed for storage.  The four drawer continental is designed so that the two drawers nearest the bed head are made shorter in order that they can still be opened even if you have a bedside cabinet.


Comfort is the most important feature of any bed.  If you are at all uncomfortable it will impede you obtaining goodnights sleep. Ideally the mattress should mould to the shape of your body giving equal support over its full length.  If it is too soft it could lead to increased back pain but if it is too firm it can cause discomfort at pressure points such as hips and shoulders.