Classic Supreme Mattress
Classique Bedframe
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Pocket Springs 1500
Memory Foam N/A
Filling Dual Density Fibre Pure Lambs Wool
Depth 10"(inches)
Side Stitching 2 Rows
Hand Stitched
Cover Cotton Damask
Handles Yes
Comfort Level Medium

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The Classic Supreme Mattress by the Bed Butler Company incorporates the latest pocket spring technology to give excellent support and comfort. The vast experience of our master craftsmen ensure that the Classic Supreme Mattress will give the ultimate support and comfort expected for a good nights sleep.

The Bed Butler Classic Supreme Mattress is made using only the finest natural material.

The Bed Butler Classic Supreme Mattress has 1500 springs each one sewn into its own individual pocket. These pockets are linked together to keep them in their correct position, but they can move independently from each other. This allows every part of the body to be supported without other adjacent pocket springs being affected.

The major advantage of using independent pocket springs is that any movement by a person sleeping on one side of the bed, will not disturb a partner on the other side of the bed helping to secure an undisturbed nights sleep.

The Bed Butler Classic Supreme Mattress is upholstered using 500 gms pure lambs wool and 1250 gsm of cotton. This together with layers of teased horse hair cover the 1500 pocket springs to ensure perfect comfort and support. The whole mattress is covered in the finest natural cotton fabric allowing it to be turned as necessary.

The Classic Supreme Mattress is 10 inches (25 cms) deep with two rows of hand stitching to the pocket springs. This ensures that the support is maintained right up to the mattress edge.

All the pocket springs and natural fillings are held in place across the mattress finished off with soft wool pom-pom tufts on the surface of the mattress. There are suitcase style handles around the edge of the mattress, to make turning the mattress much easier and air vents are set into the sides to allow the circulation of fresh air.

See why this particular product is popular with our past customers...

  • Over 1500 Pocket spring for Ultimate Luxury
  • High Quality Cotton 1250gm & Pure Lambs Wool 500gm Filling's
  • 10 inches Deep
  • Double Row, Hand Stitched Sides/li>
  • 100% Natural Cotton Fabric Cover
  • Firmness Rating: Medium
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After you have placed your order, we will contact you to discuss the best available date that you can receive delivery of your new bed and/or mattress on. We will take details on what optional linen we can provide, and what room you would like the new bed to placed or built up in.

And dont forget, we will remove any related disposable items. We will also remove your old bed and/or mattress at your request.

At the Bed Butler, we pride ourselves on serving, you, the customer to the best of our ability, and making the service you receive from us, the best and simplistic you would ever hope to find.

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At The Bed Butler, we understand what a big decision buying a new Bed or Mattress can be.

We're so confident that The Bed Butler Mattress will give you the best night's sleep of your life, that we're willing to let you try them, in your own home for a full 60-nights.

We ask that you trial the Bed Butler Mattresses for the full 60 nights. This will allow time for a true evaluation of the benefits. There can sometimes be an adjustment period when you begin to sleep on the mattress.
Some people have experienced a feeling of stiffness after the first couple of nights. This is normal as the mattress is realigning your body to its natural sleeping position. That is why we recommend that you try your Bed Butler Mattresses for the full 60 nights.