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60 Night Comfort Guarantee

At The Bed Butler, we understand what a big decision buying a new Bed or Mattress can be.

We're so confident that The Bed Butler Mattresses will give you the best night's sleep of your life, that we're willing to let you try them, in your own home for a full 60-nights.*

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Our Mattresses

The Bed Butler Company utilises the latest pocket spring technology to give unparallel support and comfort.  The latest sleep technology has been used which has ensured that all our mattresses are made to the finest standard.

The number of pocket springs ranges from 1000 springs in our classic mattresses  to 3000 pocket springs in the Emperor Supreme.  Each of the pocket springs in our mattresses is independent from each other and therefore allows them to move completely independently giving each part of the body its own unique support.

Our top quality mattresses are built using traditional methods coupled with the latest technology methods to achieve the highest standards. Using Wool , Horse hair, Latex foam etc.