Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Why should I turn My Mattress?, and how aften should I do this?

Turning your mattress is very important, espeically being a new one. Turning you mattress will ensure the inner fillings spread and distrubute evenly, giving you a more relexing and comfortable night's sleep. This should be done every 2 weeks for the first 2 months, and every 2 months therafter.

2. My partner and I are at different weights, what is the best option for a mattress?

You and your partners weight is an important consideration when purchasing a new mattress, but it is not the only one. Your decision should also be affected by the construction, generally, Pocket Spring are better for supporting the heavier build, where as Memory Foam is generaly used for orthepedic support.

3. I have been suffering with back problems, what is the best mattress for me?

The best way to test a mattress is to lay on one, but generally Memory Foam is designed and construction for orthopedic qualites and support.

4. How long does your delivery take?

We offer an exclusive deluvery service, Our drivers will tak your bed and/or mattress to any room, any floor, anywhere. Due to his bespoke service, all of our deliveries take place within a 21 day(s) period.

5. What Guarantee/Warranty will I recieve with my Mattress and/or bedstead?

All our products are constucted with quality in mind. So we offer an exclusive 10 Year gaurantee/Warranty on all items we sell.
6. What is the difference between Pocket Springs and Memory Foam?

There are many differences in Memory Foam and Pocket Sprung. More information can be found in our Buying guide.